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A man and woman jog down cement stairs together.
Paul Bradbury / Getty

The Widespread Suspicion of Opposite-Sex Friendships

Can straight men and women really be best friends? Their partners are wondering, too.

Arsh Raziuddin / The Atlantic

It’s 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Friends Are?

Constant location-sharing is now the norm for some friend groups.

Pregnant woman
Hannah Whitaker

The Quickening

A story of two births

The Evolution of the Desire to Stay Friends With Your Ex

Is it a cruelty or a kindness to suggest friendship during a breakup?

An illustration of a friend trying to reach another friend through a wall.

Dear Therapist: My Friend Is Dying and Has Asked Me Not to Contact Her

I want to respect her wishes, but I feel hurt and confused by her request.

An illustration of three women dressed as Black Widow from the Avengers, on top of a building.

The Friends Who All Cosplay the Same Character

“You see a lot of cliques in the cosplay community ... But what’s been nice about our friendship is that there’s never any competition.”

The Professional Triumph of the Firstborns

Why oldest and only children have better odds of running a company

An illustration of a woman looking at a man sitting upside down in a maze of stairs.

Dear Therapist: When I Bring Up Anything Serious, My Boyfriend Falls Apart

I need to talk to him about our future, but he can’t handle it.

An illustration of four women playing ukulele on the neck of a larger ukulele.

The Ukulele Queens of Deerfield, Illinois

“I think our society wants older women to sit down, shut up, and go knit somewhere in a corner. And that’s not what we’re doing.”

A candle, rose petals, and a partially intact American flag lie on a sidewalk

When the Child Parents Love Becomes a Shooter

Many families of killers are left to sort through their confusion and shock as some assume they are to blame.

A drawing of a mother speaking with her son, with a speech bubble in the shape of a monstrous man.

Dear Therapist: I Can’t Deal With My Mother’s Hatred of My Father

During my parents’ divorce, nearly 30 years ago, my father kidnapped me. He and I now have a good relationship, but my mother has never forgiven him.

Young women comfort each other at a vigil in El Paso.

When Fear of Deportation Keeps Families From Help After a Shooting

In the aftermath of the El Paso killings, some undocumented immigrants reportedly were too afraid to seek care or help locating their relatives.

An illustration of a group of friends in the woods with giant owls.

Coming of Age on Cape Cod in the Summer of ’71

“The house was a magnet for all kinds of people to come and be with us, because it was such a special place.”

A new mother and her baby's foot.

The Demystification of the Postpartum Female Body

As women open up about the realities of recovering from giving birth, the resources available to new moms are expanding.

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaking at the second Democratic debate.

About That Joe Biden Op-Ed From 1981

During the debates, Kirsten Gillibrand accused the former vice president of disparaging working women. The truth is a little murkier.

Planet Earth, as seen from a satellite

What Happens When the World’s Population Stops Growing?

Africa will be the most populous continent. Islam will be the most popular religion. And there are going to be a lot more old people.

The author's father, Maurice Cheeks

American Wealth Is Broken

My family is a success story. We’re also evidence of the long odds African Americans face on the path to success.

A child sits next to his imaginary friend.

Why Kids Invent Imaginary Friends

Make-believe companions can teach children more than just how to play pretend.

An anti-vaccine protest sign.

Are Anti-vaxxers Conscientious Objectors?

When it comes to public health, there’s a duty to make moral decisions communally.